Month of July – full of travel and action

Month of July – full of travel and action

Since my time is a bit limited these days, I have decided to write a monthly summary of all my adventures and non adventures. July though was a great month. In Austria, I would say, we had the hottest July I have ever experienced. The temps did climb above 30C and stayed there. Have you been in Austria? No?  Let me tell you that this country is not a country where AC is not standard.

Okay coming back to the important things in life; fun and happiness. I had quite a lot of it last month. Unfortunately it started with a very sad day when we had to say good bye to my lovely granny. On my way to the Ironman-event I had to stop for to accompany her on her last journey. She was a wonderful person and will be deeply missed. Love you!

Travel Ironman Klagenfurt

Gotta love the scenery of Irongirl

Klagenfurt is a race every Ironman athlete should wanna race. Its a superb event. The weather could have not been better. Saturday, I ran the 4.3km Irongirl run in the heat while Sunday the clouds provided the perfect race weather for all the crazy athletes out there. The scenery is breathtaking and watching Frodo going solo for the whole race made it even more fun to watch.

More travel: Bucket list race – Challenge Roth

Thanks Belinda

Only one week later I spontaneously found myself in Roth. I had heard about Roth before and people were excited about Roth and now I know why. Roth is a little village in the middle of nowhere in Bavaria. Not much happens there during the rest of the year:-) The weekend of the race the village is packed and I was lucky to meet Chrissy Wellington, Frodo and many more fantastic peeps.
Read more about my weekend in my previous blog.
Long story short: A bucket list race and should not be missed by any triathlete.

UK – Wedding of the year

The highlight of the hot month of July was the wedding of my friends Hannah and Niels in England. I had

Wedding of the year

the honour to celebrate a fantastic day with them and watch them tie the knot. A weekend I will never forget. The day of the wedding started with a nice and challenging run with my lovely, lovely friend Melinda who pushed me through her intervals. Yup thats how she spends her “rest day”. Big thank you!!
The rest of the day was full of more happiness and love. A group of international people found themselves in a peaceful and typical English ambience celebrating love. I was looking forward to the day (I had to wear a hat – or fascinator) for a long time as this group of people, who I met through friends on Mallorca, grows every year, and has a special place in my heart. Being part of a wedding of a couple which is sooo made for each other just gives me goosebumps.
Of course that weekend was not only full of love and bubblies. Nope on Sunday, before I headed home, I had another first. A scenic ride with the lovely group. I don’t know how Melinda did this but that was one authentic english ride. Sun and heavy rain with castles and deers and a final stop in a lovely pub for burgers! Thanks for taking me.

There are honest people out there

So yeah those were my sportive highlights of my July. I had one private event which I love to share. Since i

Got my wallet back

always have millions of things going on I am always on the move. And so it happened that one night after work I put my wallet on the roof of my car while being on the phone. The next morning I realised it was gone. Of course three days before heading to the UK my cards where gone. It was time to do something I have not done in years. I actually went to a bank, to a human bank clerk and got some cash. Oh and I did something even more retro: I changed money. After my return from the UK I found a letter in my mailbox from the Vienna lost property office – yes there is something like this. My wallet was found and read for pick up. HOW COOL IS THAT!!

Not much else going on

During the week I am trying to follow some routine in order to get consistency in my training and finally achieve some improvements. Especially in my running. I trust my friend Tim, who always says he never liked running but know he loves it. There is hope!!
For sure this month has set free some thoughts of a full distance race but thats still far far far away from reality so lets see what August will bring…








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