August 2017 – Hot times

August 2017 – Hot times

We are in the first week of september and the weather has just changed here. August was not a month of traveling but a month which had it all: being sick and off training, going to a concert  which I have not done in years and enjoying a weekend camping in the stunning country side of Austria.  Since May almost every day was super hot.  Hot here in Austria means 30+ celsius. I also tell you a little secret:  While I am in the lucky position to have an office with air-condition  – most people in Austria have not. Not the biggest fun.

No races in August – Main focus: running

Yesterday we still had 30+C and today I am writing this while having my first cup of tea this second half of the year. Coming back to my August adventures. I did not have any races or anything special over the past four weeks. The pool was closed for renovation and my focus was on running and building up some core strength. Running??
My running still is far from where it was and where it was is far from where I want it to be. Good thing I have something to work on.

Austrian lakes – just stunning

One August run comes in to my mind and I would love to tell you about it. I spent a weekend around one of the stunning lakes in Austria. Wolfgangsee which is located in a valley surrounded by gotta love austria mountains in the area of Salzkammergut. We, is me and my old friend Kirstin who works as a physio therapist for several professional athletes and knows what she is doing.  I don’t see much of her as I would love to as she is constantly traveling and our sessions are limited but efficient. Our plan of doing a 120 minute wake up run bursted due to heavy rain in the morning. Let have breakfast before was our idea – not the best we had. Geez on that run I did everything wrong. Having croissants with butter for breakie – nope – thats a NOGO but i did it. Stupid mistake. I never have butter or croissant and my tummy did not like it at all.  Seriously but not the most stupid mistake I did. How can you run 120min and not take something to drink. Kirstin said she does not need anything and I was playing along. The third mistake was not running my pace but running  her pace which was a killer pace. On top of everything 10min into the run all clouds disappeared and the temperature climbed up to 30 plus. Remember I did not have anything to drink and ran way faster than planned. Overall I ended up calling it a run after 105 minutes and sat down to enjoy where I was running. A breathtaking view – a crystal clear lake.
The Austrian Mountains, and in particular Salzburg and Salzkammergut are just the perfect spot to train and to enjoy and relax. It offers everything and I highly recommend it to every athlete or family or whoever. Just go and see yourselfSeriously – A M A Z I N G !

“I love my life” and friends

Road Trip The second highlight of the month has nothing to do with sports at all. My lovely friend Sabine was so  kind to give my her spare ticket to the concert of the year. Robbie Williams was in Vienna. And so far I have never seen him live. Every-time he was playing a show in Vienna I either was living abroad or working.
The evening out was just perfect – a hot summer night in an open air stadium just made . During the show we realised through a text that one of my closest friend, her sister, Karin was sad not being able to see that show. We don’t like sad friends and by the end of the show, we had put together a plan to surprise her with a road trip, three days later, to the Robbie concert in Klagenfurt. The plan worked out perfectly and the three  of us had “the time of our lives”. We did not care that we got home at 4 a.m. and the resulted lack of sleep. That trip turned into the evening of the summer – for meb  at least. My favorite song of the night said it all: I love my life.

Sickness – biggest fear

The not so fun part of August was not being able to train as the volatility of the temperature caused a short cold. Thank god it was gone after a week and all good now. Being sick is mentally pretty much that hardest thing for me, the athlete. The routine is gone and its easy to loose focuse then.  Stay tuned for my challenges when being sick but want to train blog.
As for the upcoming month I am planning to run the “Wachau Halfmarathon” and the Erste Bank Night run. Let’s see how that will work out.
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