Why start tomorrow when you can start today

Why start tomorrow when you can start today


Let me ask you a question:
Did you ever sit around, lost in your thoughts and decide to make a change?

Anything? Start a new routine, clean up the house, change your nutrition or start exercising.

Let me ask you another question:
Did you then get up and do it or did you decide to start tomorrow?

My answers is “YES”

As for the second question I give you a bit more details about me: I was in the group of  ”let’s start tomorrow”, until recently! I have learned my lesson; tomorrow most likely ends up in the day after and the day after and……. or it never lasted. I did start and then lasted for about a week with only limited or no success. Sometimes I even felt worse than before and, it ended up in frustration and upset feelings.

Here another question: WHY?

I live a very lucky life with lovely friends, a great family, a good job and most of all I am healthy. I am a happy person and still I am not capable of making the changes I want to. Does this sound familiar? I am certain that to many of you it does most likely you have asked yourself “WHY?”.

The answer is simpler than you might think:  You simply don’t want it hard enough. It might sound logical in your head to go that direction or you put pressure on yourself because your social environment might want you to do so but the brutal truth is that you or in my case I just do not want it hard enough. It does not mean I do not want it at all but I my priorities are different.

What I do to avoid an unwanted outcome these days is simple; when I find myself with the thought of starting tomorrow I reassess the plan of starting tomorrow and most of the time I get up and start doing it right away. In any other case I put the thought in a drawer and most of the time I do not start the next day either because I understood that the chances of succeeding are lower than if I start right away.

To sum it up: Do not waste time with planning things you do not really want. Start being honest to yourself and start working off your priority list TODAY!!



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