Mentally strong – We all have it in us

Mentally strong – We all have it in us

People keep telling me I am strong. Which is nice to hear and I appreciate it a lot but what hurts or confuses me is the fact, that they seem to see themselves as weak or weaker. Fact is, we are all equally strong but have different perspectives on things. This is what I believe.

What is needed to find your strength is a change in perspective of life and the challenges it puts us through. Instead of feeling self-pity that life is not a bouncy castle and get fooled by all the social media, why not take life in your own hands. Focus on what is needed to achieve your goals and rethink of your goals.

I give you a brief info on how I learned to see things:
When you have achieved things be proud of them and leave the negative aspect of it out. There is always something that bothers you and that’s okay because that’s where you learn –  but accept it and be proud of it.  
I give you an example: Your training session did not go as planned??? Shit happens: See the fact that you still pushed through and leave the “..but I already had better ones” or “…but I was supposed to do longer” out of your thoughts. Accept the fact that the session was slower or shorter and say to yourself: “I felt tired but I did go and train”. Well done – be proud of it!

Do not let your head put you in a position where you think  “I wish I was there” or “I want to be doing what you are doing”. Why? Because it means they are not enjoying their current life or moment. Focusing on what you do not have kicks you out of your current situation and take away your capability to enjoy it. When there is a “down feeling moment” in my life, and I can guarantee you I have a lot of them too,  I am trying to be aware and reevaluate the situation and see it from the distance. It is only just a short time of our lives and with the perspective from the distance, you will realize it. Be aware that what you are feeling is a valid feeling but do not let it take over your life. Find out what the situation you want to be in gives you for a feeling and focus on who to achieve that feeling in another way.

One more important thing what helps me:
Go to bed understanding that tomorrow is a new day and start that day with a smile. Getting up in the morning with a smile one of the keys to happiness. Believe me: We are all strong people.


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