Walking away from sweets

Walking away from sweets

Do you like sweets? I love them, actually I love them so much, that I can’t control the intake of sweet food. Not joking:-).  I was always annoyed by the fact the I can’t enjoy eating chocolate or anything tasting sweet. Frankly and honestly, I inhale it like air to breathe rather than enjoying it. I was at a point where I called myself an addict. I was addicted to this short term good feeling or rush I felt when eating sweets. Some of you might not understand it or like to play it down by saying “it is not an addiction” or “if you want to stop just stop”.  

In October I decided to let it go and not to eat it anymore. Not reduce it or control but to let it go completely. Cold turkey 100%. I started a week before I went on a holiday to South Africa and three weeks before my birthday. Not to mention the holiday season which was approaching. Quite a challenging time to start. 

Now, 3 months later I am the proudest person. The body feels amazing by the extra energy I gained. In endurance sport, you get sugar everywhere during a race and it does the job of giving you the energy to complete yes it works for this purpose. What I learned from quitting sweets is that this energy gain from passing on sugar multiples the energy gain from eating sugar. I am pretty sure that during my next race I will go with gels again but not during training or the “normal” life. 

The key to this success was the driver of my decision. My goal was not to lose weight or become a faster runner. I wanted to change the feeling I had after eating sugar. Being tired, being frustrated, using sugar as a drug to replace frustration. I analysed what sugar/sweets did to my body and mind and tried to find new ways of getting those feelings. The key is to be aware of your actions and the driver of your actions. I still crave sometimes, especially in situations where I used to go down to the vending machine to buy myself a “Snickers”. In these moments, I breathe and say to myself: “What is it that you really need?” It is not the sugar it’s the feeling sugar gives you. “Is there anything else you can do to achieve those feelings?” And there is always another way. As a benefit, I lost few kilos and I became a faster runner too.


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