About me

Hi, I am Nina-Caroline…

Nina-Caroline Berger

…mid 30s, working as a manager in the aviation industry and turned from a travelling couch potato into a travelling age group triathlete. I love triathlon and everything what comes with it. Its not just swimming, cycling and running – It is a lifestyle. A lifestyle which is challenging, a lifestyle which is time-consuming, a lifestyle which is just amazing. EVERYONE can achieve ANYTHING…Follow me and maybe join me – in a triathlon, a running event or in the quest for other goals! 

Me and Tri? What happened? – Birth of the Racing Giraffe!
In my late 20s I moved to Azerbaijan, a country with limited free time opportunities at that point.  One day I decided to become more social and found myself in the gym on a treadmill. After one kilometre, which felt like a marathon, I left the gym and bumped in to a girl who asked me if I want to compete in a charity sprint triathlon. First I laughed, then I agreed to be part of a relay team and at the end I did the whole thing by myself. 

If you feel like getting in touch with me, drop me an e-mail.